Our projects

Materials Synthesis

Dedicated to the synthesis of innovative materials, our primary focus centers on semiconductors and metals designed for catalytic applications. Our unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of material science propels us to explore novel avenues, unlocking the full potential of these materials for a sustainable and technologically advanced future.


At the forefront of advancing electrochemical processes, our work is dedicated to devising and refining pathways for electrochemically assisted synthesis. With a specific focus on crafting metal alloys, oxides, non-oxides (sulfides, phosphides), and single metals, our efforts are geared towards applications in energy and environmental sustainability.

Catalytic application

Engaged in catalytic applications, our focus lies in the synthesis of nanomaterials designed for use in a range of catalytic processes, spanning photochemical and electrochemical domains. Our endeavors extend to diverse tasks, including effluent decontamination, CO2 and N2 reduction, and the sustainable production of green hydrogen.