Our team

We believe that the synergy between group work and the uniqueness of each member is one of the main differentials for scientific progress. Therefore, headed by Dr. Lucia Mascaro, our team strives to attract talent from the most diverse areas of science, committed to contributing to the advancement of scientific knowledge. Our commitment is to excellence in science combined with the promotion of diversity, because we believe that it is at the intersection of diverse ideas that we find the most innovative solutions.

Lucia Helena Mascaro

Head/Main researcher


Caio Almeida
Lara Kelly Ribeiro

Postdoctoral Researcher

Dyovani Coelho
Gelson da Silva
Isabelle Gonzaga
Matheus Brito
Marina Medina
Mitchell da Silva
Sirlon Blaskievicz
Anelisse Brunca da Silva
Davi Souza Ferreira
Giovani Luiz Grespan
Gleison Neres Marques

PhD Student

Leando Luiz Soares
Roberta Yonara Reis
Matheus Guardiano
Ana Gabriele Sales
Visiting student from Federal University of Piauí
Luis Guilherme

Master's Student

Ana Beatriz Cardile
Jonathan Carrera
Juliana Lucca Francisco


Laura Líbero
Lyniker Almeida


Moisés Albuquerque de Araújo
Marcelo de Assis
Alessandra Alves Correa
Hugo Leandro
Lorena Athie Goulart
Magno Barcelos Costa